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My hope is that if you, or someone you love, struggles with pain, crohn’s disease, leukemia, migraines, or the overall sense of hopelessness that life can throw at us my story might be a source of inspiration to you.

I am 43 years old. I started this blog July 29, 2014 as a way to feel like I had some control over chronic migraines because I felt like they were controlling me.

5 months later, I had a relapse of chronic myelogenous leukemia and my “migraine blog” went from being my private outlet about migraines to a way I could update friends and family about my relapse of cancer.

This blog also turned into a purpose during those dark months when the leukemia came back into my life. It was a reason for me to wake up, it was something that I could “do”; I could write through my pain and force myself to dig deep into my faith.

If you have ever been horrifically sick then you understand the need for purpose; when every “normal thing” is stripped from you, you must find purpose to continue living.

My blog became a place where others could gather around me and cheer me on through the tough times and it connected me to other bloggers who live on healing diets.

Those bloggers were a God-send. They have taught me how to cook nutrient dense meals which have ultimately restored so much of my health and helped to reverse my autoimmune disease.

I am re-writing my “about” section a year after I originally started this blog.

I am back in remission from leukemia 🙂

I tolerate the daily chemo without any difficulty. I rarely have symptoms of autoimmune disease.

I am healthy ❤

This is the thing. I had a healthy, beautiful and successful life which was flipped upside down, overnight, by crohn’s disease when I was 29 years old. As if that was not enough, leukemia and chronic migraines further rocked my 30’s.

Before I got sick, I was already one of those people who was loving and compassionate. I had an excellent work ethic and had pushed myself hard to reach the place I was at as a young adult. I followed the rules and had a sincere faith, so it did not make sense that life would crush me without reason. But nobody promised that life is fair and everyone has hard times.

I spent my 30’s trying so hard to get back to the young woman I had been in my 20’s because I recognized that woman as strong, beautiful, successful, fun and desirable. What I failed to see was that that she no longer exists.

I can never be her again.

But wow, the days of my hospitalizations, the absolute grit and strength and cultivation of faith that I had to develop in order to survive: those traits are beautiful too.

My ability to still love and laugh and my determination to live as healthfully as possible, despite some painful diagnoses: that sounds like a pretty desirable woman to me.  

My life looks completely different than I anticipated yet it is dynamic and vibrant and certainly worth celebrating.

In my chasing of the young woman without the diagnoses, I refused to acknowledge myself as the woman with the diagnoses, the woman I am.

It has been 14 years since I embraced my new self, the woman who does have crohns, leukemia, and migraines but I daresay that she is also beautiful ❤

Jessica started writing at a young age when her mother taught her the value of journaling. She is a survivor of Chronic Mylogenous Leukemia. She also lives with Crohn’s Disease and chronic migraines. She thrives off of real foods and looks for the silver lining in life which is why she named her blog “The Feel Good Days”. Jessica has found that, even with chronic illness, she has so much more good in her life than bad. Jessica is a Christian and can most often be found laughing with her husband, hugging her dog, creating migraine friendly versions of her favorite Paleo meals or hanging out with her family. She enjoys movies and loves the scent of books, paper, libraries and bookstores. She practices yoga and recently discovered the joy of kayaking. She has also been known to  put her favorite playlists on repeat until everyone is tired of all the songs on the lists. Jessica received her college degree from Auburn University and her Masters Degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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**All of my posts are experiences that I have cleared with my physicians and medical team. This blog is not intended to provide medical advice, and if you have medical conditions, always speak with your physician before making changes**

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Truly inspirational writing. You are a very strong beautiful woman who has always fought her way through the battles life has thrown at you. The loving support of your family, friends , and faith in God prove to us all that you are a survivor. May God continue to bless you and your family on this journey.

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  2. Hello

    My name is Chelsea Stark I was recently diagnosed with Lupus.
    I have been looking online for other people who are living with this invisible companion called Lupus. So I can add their stories and ideas that they do to improve their day-to-day life to share with other people.
    I started two blogs titled Lupus My invisible Companion. You anybody wants to reach out to me here is the link to my main blog http://chelseastarkcom.blogspot.com/ and you can leave a comment.
    Looking forward to hear from anyone.
    So if you are interested please reach out to me. I would loved to turn this blog into a place for all of us to share. And place that we can learn from one another. My mother and grandmother all have lupus. But not very many people have someone to talk to that understand what you go through every day. And I think this is the most important reason why I started this blog. Those who do not have family members or friends that have lupus need someone to chat with. So come here and chat with me. I will listen and help you every way I can.

    I know some people may only have wordPress or blogger so I want to make sure we cover everyone. I will make sure that majority of the post I do on Word Press and blogger are the same postings so everybody can get the same information. I would love to speak with you if you’re interested.
    Thank you Chelsea

    Here is the links to the blogs.



    Chelsea Stark Photography’s Instagram

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    • Hi Chelsea!

      Thank you for contacting me and for your movement to take something negative and turn it into a positive place for people to encourage one another as autoimmune disease can be isolating and painful. I actually do not have lupus but almost all autoimmune diseases function the same way (they just target different organs) so I am happy to be part of anything that helps us inspire one another to keep living and not giving into autoimmune dz. There is a blogger I recently read named Sabrina who does have lupus and would probably enjoy being part of your group. You can find her at https://thebumpyroadtoasimplelife.wordpress.com/ I hope that you have a “feel good” day 🙂

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  3. Monica

    I just found your blog searching the Internet for help especially for the bad days. I also suffer from Chronic Migraine. Reading your blog, I really feel is an echo to my past 10 years. Although chronic migraine is a daily battle, I have not yet had to go to war with something like Luekemia. You are unbelievably strong! Days like today (full moon trigger) I feel so weak and helpless. I am still mourning the woman who was me. I know it’s been ten long years. I have a hard time letting go. Maybe through continuing to read your blog I will learn to appreciate the woman I am now. Thanks for writing.

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    • Bless you Monica. Thank you for sharing your story. Migraines are miserable and it always helps to find other people who really understand what it is like to live with them. I am sad to read of your pain but grateful that you felt less alone while reading about my journey. Now that the leukemia is back in remission I am going to be writing more about migraines again. You hang in there. If there is anything I have learned over the past couple of decades it is that our situations never stay stuck. We can get better ❤


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