My Personal Take on Blood Cancer Awareness Month

bone marrow bx 7

Sistah and Jessica Bone Marrow Biopsy 7

If you are one of my regular readers than you know that I have a history of chronic mylogenous leukemia (CML) and that I had an unexpected relapse last year when I grew resistant to my chemotherapy.

The posts on this blog dating from late November through April/May and even into June chronicle dark days marked by pain.

Two weeks ago, Hubby and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary and we are now embarking on my favorite season, fall.

This is when my health began to unravel last year.

Because last year was cruel and every day seemed to hold exclamation points of tears, fevers, bone pain and blood it is very hard not to be a tiny bit afraid of what lies ahead this year. 

As we note the passing of days, we both find ourselves trying to place events. When I say “I am so glad this is not last year” he will say “you know, you were actually already starting to get sick right now…you were tired…”…and we start to piece the ugly, messy puzzle together.

I see my oncologist this Friday and will get my latest numbers, the markers which indicate whether or not the CML is in remission. I feel well and I believe that I am in remission. However,  there is a nervousness that I think almost anyone would feel given the circumstances.

Last year was hard and scary and I don’t want life to unravel again. It seems like my life has unraveled too many times because of crohn’s and leukemia. I hope that I get a great report on Friday. And I pray that I get great reports for decades to come. 

This month is blood cancer awareness month and this morning I saw a cute parody video that I am going to share below.

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