Histamine, Exercise and The Low Histamine Chef (Love Her)

the low histamine chef

The Low Histamine Chef photo credit: Low Histamine Chef Website

Do you follow Yasmina Ykelenstam, also known as The Low Hitamine Chef?

She is Awesome!

I first found her back in 2013.

Hubby and I were living in my favorite part of the country (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel-Hill) and I was stuck in a pattern of severe migraines. When I get stuck in those patterns I often search the internet for answers, desperately hoping that someone will give me an idea about what works for them, something new that might fix mine.

One evening I was filled with anti-nausea meds, feeling miserable and looking equally as miserable with my head buried in ice-packs when I stumbled across Yasmina’s website, The Low Histamine Chef. I felt rays of hope penetrate those dark clouds that had surrounded me.

Isn’t the return of hope the most wonderful feeling?

…when you are fighting so hard to feel better and hope finds it’s way back? It is glorious.

I have lost hope for brief moments during my fights against chron’s, leukemia and migraines. Those have been my hardest moments. I thank God that He brings it back quickly, it is a basic need for survival.

So, back to 2013, my the migraines, the ice packs and nausea meds. The evening I found Yasmina and hope returned.

I do not have the same diagnosis that Yasmina has but her bio resonated with my soul. Illness had knocked her down so hard that she ended up stepping aside from her previous, prestigious career to restore her health. And she had to start from the ground up to re-build herself. That is what I had been doing, off and on, for years.

She reminded me of me. 

Even though I have not been diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, I am sensitive to histamine, and inflammation is a real issue in my life. I benefit from reading her articles and posts.

Today she shared an interesting post about exercise, histamine response and why certain types of exercise can make some people feel worse. It is a fabulous article and reminds me of my own experience and I appreciate her transparency.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about exercise and my experience before and after my diagnosis of crohn’s disease. As I am currently coming back from a leukemia relapse, I am adding exercise back into my life. I recently added some fun cardio classes in and they were a blast until I got super queasy, nauseas and almost passed out. I returned to the fun cardio class several times only to have the same (not fun) symptoms so I decided that, at least for now, I am going to stick with yoga, pilates, walking and kayaking. Those are tried and true forms of exercise for me that seem to work with my body and not against it.

Here is a link to the post I wrote about my personal exercise routine pre and post autoimmune diagnosis.

Here is a link to Yasmina’s article about exercise.

And on that note, hubby and I are headed out the door for some Vitamin D and kayaking!

kayaking 6.14.2015




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