Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake

Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake

I have a delicious recipe for you.

Before I got Crohn’s Disease, I (like most people) loved ice cream and frozen yogurt.

I liked mine melted so I would either stir it, stick it in the microwave or even the oven to get it to what I considered that perfect creamy texture.

Crohn’s changed everything in my life including my ability to eat ice cream and frozen yogurt. I have even tried the frozen rice and coconut based ice creams that specialty stores carry but the end result has consistently been me in a lot of pain.

And that is just no fun for anyone.

Enter the AIP (autoimmune protocol) of the Paleo diet. This diet has changed my life, I cannot say enough wonderful things about it. I went on it in January in hopes of tolerating my chemotherapy for leukemia because it (the chemo) was making my intestines mimic a Crohn’s flare.

Long story short, the diet has done so much for me. I eat more veggies and fruits than I ever have in my entire life.

I am able to eat food—real food without pain or distress. And if you have crohn’s or colitis (or any type of pain that food sensitivities can trigger) than you understand why this is such a big deal to me. Yes, I do a lot of cooking but I get to eat yummy stuff and I feel fabulous.

It is fun 🙂

So, yesterday was the 4th of July. Hubby and I kept it low key and enjoyed music + fireworks from our screened porch. We also spent most of the night trying to calm our dog down; we agreed that the 4th of July must be the scariest night of the year for dogs.

I created a recipe for vanilla ice cream that has that perfect creamy texture which I love.

Just like ice cream is not particularly healthy, this decadent treat is one to be enjoyed on special occasions (I was not aiming for healthy when I created it).

It is also migraine friendly, there are no common migraine-trigger foods in this recipe.

Servings: 2 Milkshakes


1 Can of Full Fat Coconut Milk (I like it refrigerated > 12 hours so that it is thick)

2 Tbsp Ghee or Grass-fed Butter

2 Tbsp Pure Vanilla

7 Tbsp Maple Syrup (a little less than 1/2 cup)

1/4 tsp Coarse Sea Salt (**I used coarse salt because that is what we have in the house right now, I think that if you use regular texture, you would use less than 1/4 tsp. Try a pinch or 1/8 of a tsp**)


Melt ghee or butter, syrup, vanilla in pan over low heat. Add can of coconut milk and salt. Stir for ~3 minutes until everything is mixed well.

Pour mixture into a blender with ~ 1 cup of ice chips



Migraine Tip: This does not have preservatives so it is a migraine friendly, dairy free “ice cream” treat 

4 thoughts on “Paleo Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake

  1. Loving your blog! It will take time to look at everything I want to read, but I am appreciating the transparency of your stories and being able to learn from your experiences. Your recipes are exactly what I’m looking for right now. Started AIP 9 days ago for UC. Thank you and keep them coming!

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    • Thank you Candice! Your comment means so much to me 🙂 I am currently writing a post specifically about my diet and will be posting it soon. I hope you are feeling ok? UC and Crohn’s are not easy but I the AIP has helped me so much!! If you are on Instagram, there is an awesome support group of people with IBD & people following AIP.


    • Yay! That is wonderful news about the vertigo. On Instagram, I can recommend several accounts that will inspire you. It’s such an encouraging community & makes living with autoimmune illness much less lonely. Some of the bloggers who are also on IG that inspire me (check out their blogs you will ❤️ them) The Paleo Partridge, Joyfilled Nourishment & there are so many others! If you get on IG, find me and I will connect you to their accounts ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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