Today, Right now, Memories from Music


Me – a long time ago 🙂

I am sitting outside on our screened porch, writing, and listening to some of my favorite songs from over the years.

At 43, I have to say that my favorite decade for music is the 1990’s. For me it brings with it whimsical memories of graduate school, my first job, crushes and first loves.

The 1990’s were my decade to be a young, successful adult with many carefree days. I had not gotten sick yet and I am so grateful that I got to have that decade.

…And, come on–the music of the 90’s is ~Amazing~

If you are not my age and don’t know the band Better than Ezra…here is a taste (I must have listened to this song over a million times 17 or 18 years ago!) 🙂


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