2 Feel Good Days and now a Recovery Day (Quick Update)

for i know the plans

Jeremiah 29:11 (another coaster message from God to my mom to me)

Not to make light of the scripture but I do hope that His plans for today include a nap. Sunday and Monday were feel good days, definitely much better. Today is a tough day. And that is to be expected. After years of working as a medical speech pathologist, I have coached families and patients on the reality that for every good day, there will be a tired day….the goal is that eventually you have more good/strong days than fatigue days.

I am honestly too wiped out to write an update but I want to touch base, thank you for your ongoing support and prayers, and to encourage you that yes—I had 2 really good days.

More updates to come (when I am alert enough to form sentences).

Thank you all. And please thank your friends. I know that there are many people out there praying for me who I have never met.

To God be all the Glory.

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