So The Oncologist Called…



Yesterday I was at my parent’s house and I looked across the counter at this set of coasters that they have had for years. I have used the coasters for years. And I have (of course) read the words on them.

But it was different yesterday. I looked over and the word “Strength” jumped off the coaster in an almost audible way. So I took a picture of it and posted it to FB and Instagram (because that is what most of us do these days: we see something that touches us, take a pic and post it).

I just got the phone call that I have been somewhat expecting.

My Oncologist said that the labs came back and show molecular changes that are trending toward relapse or mutation.

He outlined our next step(s):

1. We will do more tests (bone marrow biopsy–have not had one in a while, plus other tests).

2. The medical team has already started working on my precert information for several different chemotherapy options because I will be changing therapies.

Everything should be happening within the next few weeks.

I thought that I was prepared for this news.

These labs are very sensitive and specific so they are catching the molecular changes early. It is not like 2006/7 when I was horrifically sick. It is just a tiny blip right now. So it’s OK and I will be OK.

However I am still doing that thing where I am shaking and crying very hard. 

Physically and emotionally, I don’t feel good at all right now and the next couple of months will be challenging.

I have no doubt that it was God that drew my eyes to that coaster at my parent’s house yesterday.


I guess God was trying to prepare me for what is ahead. Please pray for strength.

Now…I am going to find a comfy pair of pj’s and sit in front of the fireplace. I am so grateful that my husband will build a warm and cozy fire for us. That he and our dog will hang out with me fireside tonight (even if a chic flick is involved…and I have a feeling a really sappy, tear jerking chic flick might be involved).

One thought on “So The Oncologist Called…

  1. Jessica and Chris! My prayers are that this is just a blip…a teeny blip and you will indeed both find all the strength, Love and expertise to get through this again. Okay, you know prayer works, so keep knowing that there is more at work here from so many that Love and care for you both! Looking forward to hearing that this is in the rear view window sooner than later and much much easier than before. All My Love to you!~Di


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