My Story


I have had headaches since I was a child; my mother even took me to a neurologist while I was in high school where I was told “don’t chew gum with artificial sweeteners”. For the most part, I complied, granted I was a teenager. I was diagnosed with migraines in my 20’s when I started having to go to the emergency room for horrific headaches. I was later diagnosed with chronic daily migraines.

My 30’s took a very unusual turn and I spent at least half of that decade in and out of hospitals with chron’s disease and leukemia.

Today, I am a healthy 42 year old woman. I take 2 types of chemotherapy and other medications (including several for migraines). All of my previous illnesses are in remission and if you met me, you would never suspect that I had been sick a day in my life.

Alas, the migraines persist. I have been on (almost) every preventative medication available. I follow a migraine-friendly diet, I get Botox shots in my scalp and shoulders every 3 months, I have spent years giving myself shots, taking prescribed steroids, and recently added acupuncture to the migraine control plan. And, yes, each piece of my migraine control plan has offered a bit of relief:  less frequent/less severe migraines. However I have 20 years of migraine diaries which reveal the same thing: on average 5-6 headache days out of 7 days. That is a lot. And usually I have 3-5 days out of 7 which are absolutely excruciating.

I write to feel better and really cannot recall a time in my life when I did not write.

My parents are amazing and I would probably have not survived the trials of my 30’s were it not for their unconditional love. My sister is my best friend (and I am lucky because she really is that good). I have a fabulous husband who puts up with all kinds of diet modifications and somehow acts like they are sort of interesting.

We have a 4-1/2 year old dog named Jackson who is our baby. I love him and am slowly falling more in love with him. I fiercely loved my former dog, Creecy, who you will read about in my posts.

Mostly, I laugh. Despite the complexity of trying to schedule a “normal” life around doctor appointments, chronic illnesses which (thank God) are in remission, really bad migraines….

I laugh and can get a case of the giggles pretty easily.

I thank God every day for all that He has given to me, because I have more good than bad in my life.

And I am learning that it really will all be OK.

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