Salmon & Asparagus Pasta Toss

photo (1)

This is so yummy!

And it is pretty + easy + migraine friendly.

Both the salmon and asparagus are rich in nutrients and *reduce inflammation*. I try to stick with foods that are anti-inflammatory because I have a history of chron’s (which is an autoimmune, inflammatory illness) and many of the anti-inflammatory foods are on the migraine safe list. In this dish, I used gluten free pasta. I have been tested multiple times for celiac and I do not have that. However, my inflammatory markers did elevate when tested for celiac sensitivity. So, I DO eat gluten but I tend to choose gluten free most of the time.

Also the asparagus is a diuretic food (did you know that water retention can trigger migraines in some people?).

This was a dish that hubby and I threw together on a Saturday evening. Over the years, he has learned which spices are migraine safe vs. migraine triggers for me and he does such a great job of grilling foods that are safe for me. I am really not good about writing down amounts of ingredients when I cook b/c I tend to keep adding until the meal tastes yummy.



1 lb Salmon

Old Bay Spice (I can tolerate it, not every migraineur can do so)

Garlic powder

Cayenne Pepper (helps with circulation and shown to help decrease migraines)

Light salt (I take a chemotherapy that requires a low sodium diet)


Cover both sides of salmon with the spices listed above and grill (hubby tends to grill with the skin on, and then take skin off after he grills, but it can be done either way)

Pasta & Asparagus


Asparagus (as many spears as you like)

Pasta (I used a gluten free fussili but any pasta will work—I think that this dish is better with smaller noodles so I would recommend them)

2 teaspoons butter

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

2 Shallots

8 Garlic Cloves

Cayenne Pepper

Light Salt (or salt) to taste

Pepper to taste


photo (3)

Wash the asparagus then break the lower ~1/3 of stalk off (if you bend the stalks they will break in the spot where they go from tender to tough)

Put the tender part of stalks in a pot and cover them with water, bring to a boil and lower to medium so that they cook on a low boil. I usually cook them between 5-8 minutes (it depends on how soft you like them–the longer you cook them, the softer they will be).

To keep the pretty green color you can rinse the cooked asparagus with cold water (even ice), a process which is called “blanching”


While the asparagus is cooking pour olive oil into a large pan or skillet

Cook the chopped shallots and garlic on medium low until they are tender

photo (2)

Cook your pasta according to the directions on box. Once the pasta is ready, add the butter and pasta to the shallots and garlic

Then toss asparagus into the skillet

Season with cayenne pepper, salt, pepper to taste

If you are able to tolerate citrus, add about 1/2 – 1 teaspoon lemon juice

photo (1)

Pair it with salmon and voila! It is pretty, nutritious and very tasty.

Side note: for family and guests who do not suffer migraines, you might want to sprinkle their dish with Parmesan cheese (it is a migraine trigger for me and for most migraineurs)


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