My Daily Dose of Joy and an Acupuncture Update


Our Evening Walks

Migraines (actually 3 serious illnesses) have taught me to try to do something pleasant every day, even when I am in pain. Lots of hospitalizations and  too much time spent sick, in bed, have taught me that it is healing to do something pleasurable each day. Of course there are times when I am in too much pain to get out and of course there are times when I have to force myself to get out despite pain; however I am usually able to do something even on the bad days. Chronic pain can make a person feel hopeless and robbed of life’s joyful moments. Finding something pleasurable that you can do daily helps you feel a small bit of control, and that goes a long way in beating pain. Hubby and I enjoy our evening walks with our 4 year old pup, and that is an activity that I really try to do regardless of pain level. It is good for us as a couple, and it is good for my personal sense of well-being. Sometimes, if I am in a lot of pain, he and I will go for a very short walk only to turn around and have me go to bed. While that seems sad (it just does) he and I still get some satisfaction of getting me out there, not totally caving to defeat.

Another thing that I absolutely love to do (so I try to do it daily) is to cook…it relaxes me.

So, the acupuncture….

It is helping me and I am thrilled. We decided that I would give it my all this month, so I am going twice a week. I have been 4 times and all of us (my family in addition to me) are seeing positive results. I am having headache free days and when I do get a migraine, it eventually stops. That does not sound like a big deal to most people but it is a marked improvement for me. A few days after my 2nd treatment, the headache that I had just “stopped”. I had taken minimal medication for it ~ 5 hours before it stopped and as the evening passed, I noticed that the headache went away–I did not have to take more medication. I looked over at my husband and said “the headache is gone, it’s over, it stopped”. He and I were surprised and cautiously hopeful. The next morning when he woke me up, the first thing I said was “I don’t have a headache”….again, he and I felt cautiously hopeful. I was completely headache free that day.

This past week I have been on my menstrual cycle. And, yes, I have had menstrual migraines but I have been functional and able to participate in life. Prior to the acupuncture, my cycle was typically a miserable 1-1/2 weeks spent in and out of bed with horrific migraines. This time, I had a 72 hour migraine and then, it stopped. Just like the experience I had after my second treatment, the headache just stopped. And, though I am still on my cycle, today I woke up headache free.

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