Where have I been!?? And yes, I did get the Botox Treatment

Photo Courtesy Google Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy Google Creative Commons

My last blog post as September 3rd! I don’t have a good excuse for letting several weeks pass between posts so I won’t waste time trying to create one. However I am disappointed in myself because I like to write; actually I love to write. And this blog is a huge source of strength for me in regard to claiming control over those migraines vs. letting them control me.

That being said, picking up where we left off…

I got the Botox treatment that day (September 3rd) and it has helped. It has not been quite as effective as some of the treatments I have had in the past but it has helped to decrease the severity. The migraines are still way too frequent (almost daily). I just counted this month’s headache days on my nifty migraine calendar. It has been 19 days since I got the botox treatment. I have had migraine 14/19 days. They are so frequent that I am certain that some of these are rebound headaches.

I think there are a few reasons that the frequency is still too high:

1. I went for 6 months vs. 3 months between treatments (which led to horrible, frequent, very painful migraines).

2. I got back on caffeine in attempt to keep the migraines tolerable (click here for a detailed explanation of why caffeine can both treat and/or trigger migraines).

3. Dehydration from the caffeine.

4. MOH (medication overuse headaches). I started taking medicine almost daily to keep the horrible migraines a little less horrible.

5. Cold fronts–we are entering my favorite season, fall, and several cold fronts have bridged humid/hot days to crisp/cool days. Unfortunately, weather fronts are a trigger for me.

The weather is gorgeous today and my noggin’ is hurting. When I woke up this morning, I thought that maybe it was going to be a migraine-free day. However, thinking back to the course of the day, I suspect that caffeine withdrawal is probably related to today”s headache because I cut my caffeine intake by 50% today.

This morning, I drank a warm, comforting 1/2 cup of coffee at 6:00 AM which is my normal wake/coffee time (we migraineurs have to follow schedules). Then fast forward, I was giving a presentation that started 10:30’ish. I started having word finding difficulty (aphasia) during the presentation. This morning’s (migraine warning) aphasic moments were not super bad, but there were a few minutes (maybe 15?) when I kept grasping for a word or a thought. Fortunately I was presenting in front of people who know me well enough that they understand. At noon I had a tiny bit of caffeine and then the day progressed. Eventually I felt soooooooo sleepy along with the tingling along my jaw line (those are red light, migraine approaching auras for me). I tried to keep doing normal stuff and went for a walk with our cutie pie dog around the nearby lake. When we got home I took a nap and woke up craving sweets (another frequent aura). Now my head is hurting; that stabbing pain on the right side which is where it usually hurts. It is not horrible at all (maybe a 3-4 on pain scale) and for that I am grateful.

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