the botox treatment…rescheduled…

troubled young woman

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so i was supposed to get the botox treatment on august 6th but had to reschedule due to a virus. it was rescheduled to occur wednesday, august 27th. however, i had to reschedule because my body was flirting with a chron’s flare (that is the term i use when i am starting to have a flare and can possibly change it’s course by resting, sleeping, and totally changing my diet, oh and keeping my mood completely neutral—no stress, no tears, no anxiety).

so chron’s…yeah, that is one of the 2 life threatening illnesses i developed and beat in my 30’s. when i was 29 i spent most of my summer hospitalized for what the doctors called a “profound” onset and, honestly, they were unable to stop it…and that is a very long story for an entirely different post (or maybe a different page on this site).

what you need to know on this post is that i woke up monday morning and felt nauseated–thought maybe i had a bit of food poisoning or maybe a tiny virus. same nausea on tuesday, so i thought that maybe i was not eating enough fiber (remember the chemo i take requires a lot of fiber to decrease nausea). by that evening, i knew that the fever, body pain/aching, abdominal pain and nausea were not the kind that come with a virus, but the kind that accompany a chron’s flare. really, now!??

i called the neurologist’s nurse and explained what was happening. thus, my botox treatment was re-scheduled for next wednesday, september 3rd.

in the good news, God has granted me the time to rest, rest, rest and sleep this week as well as go to the basic diet i follow when things get tough in re: chron’s (think pureed squash, plain chicken breast). i have a detailed account of the diets that do and do not work for me in re: chron’s, which also belong on a different post or page.

for now, i have a little migraine that started last night. all in all it is not horrific. maybe a level 5? but i did have a few migraine free days over the week which is surprising given the fact that my body was flirting with a flare. i am tremendously grateful that God allowed the full flare to be averted. now it’s basic diet + probiotics + slowly increasing my activity level in order to maintain a chilled out, not-inflamed GI tract. next thursday, hubby and i (along with our precious pup) are going to the mountains to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. we will be staying in a cabin near the winery where we married. so, God granting, i will be in tip-top shape by then!

more soon….

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