decision made

I have decided that I will go ahead and get the botox treatment this week. The prescription preventative + Petadolex are working and the migraines are so much less severe (I am talking pain scale level 3’s) but they are still too frequent and I have ended up back on caffeine plus taking too many rescue meds.

Hoping that after the treatment I can come off caffeine and rescue meds again.

This morning I woke up 100% headache free and I was trilled; I thought that it would be a migraine free day but ~2:00 one started up. It could be a rebound headache or just a normal migraine. I am not sure however it began a few hours before a thunderstorm started (and storms are definitely one of my top triggers). I feel a bit down and I am trying to remind myself that I am so much better than I used to be. By the grace of God + a lot of due diligence on my part, I have not had the pain scale level 8, 9, 10 migraines that used to run my days and nights. It has been a long time since I have been dark room, bed bound, and silent due to a migraine. And I honestly believe that I am going to keep getting better; I know that after the Botox treatment the frequency/severity will significantly decrease and therefor decrease the amount of rescue meds + caffeine. That alone will bring an end to the rebound headaches.

All that being said, sometimes one of the symptoms that accompany them is a feeling of depression. I know that there is a link between the 2 ailments. In my experience, mood change is often an aura for me, I will either become very chatty or severely sad for ~30 minutes and then boom! migraine starts. Then there are times (like right now) when I just feel a bit sad and lonely that I even have to deal with these. I assume most migraineurs deal with similar feelings. For one thing, there is a link between serotonin (one of the main neurotransmitters that regulates mood) and migraines. My personal theory is that maybe either a surge (which would make me chatty) or a dip (which would make me feel sad) in the my serotonin levels trigger the migraines (which is why my mood change can be an aura).

more later….

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