migraine day

So yesterday I was surprised to wake up headache free following a day of sheer indulgence. Around 3:30 yesterday afternoon I started feeling extremely sleepy which is a fairly common migraine aura for me. Sure enough, migraine started about 45 minutes later. At the same time, a severe thunderstorm started within the next 1-1/2 hours.

I am one of those migraineurs who believes in the theory presented by Dr. David Buccholz in the book Heal Your Headache: The 1,2,3 Plan For Taking Charge of Your Pain. It is a controversial book and theory among migraineurs. I read it years ago when it was first released. One of the things he suggests is that we all have a migraine threshold and that once we have enough triggers stacked together we will have a migraine attack. He also explains that reactions to foods can be difficult to identify because a person may not even respond to a certain food trigger for up to 3 days.

Over the years, I have followed many diets and I have figured out which foods seem to consistently cause problems (remember I have almost 20 years of migraine calendars so I have been taking notes for a long time). While some foods will bring on an immediate migraine (bananas, red wine, balsamic vinegar…) I can get away with other problem foods occasionally. I believe that is because for various reasons, I have not met my migraine threshold. Yesterday (and the day prior) is a good example. There are times when that huge splurge meal (see yesterday’s post) would trigger a migraine within hours. However, I made it through the day, night, and following day without a hint of a migraine until just before a really bad thunderstorm started. I think that the amount of triggers met my threshold.

I was actually pretty sick all night and I am struggling with it again today. So, not the best day. This is the worst migraine I have had over the past 2 weeks since the Petadolex started kicking in; thus I really should not complain—however when a migraine is throwing punches, it is hard not to complain.

I am working and trying to finish up a little early so that I can lie down later…hoping headache will be gone soon. As for today’s meal plan, I just ate 2 pieces of gluten free toast with honey. In my experience, eating carbs tend to help me feel less sick when I have a migraine.

Back to work…

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