a self-induced migraine

Yesterday was a lovely migraine-free day. My noggin had finally adjusted to the weather front and I was able to enjoy the cool, dry, blue sky day sans migraine pain. Then, we decided to go out to dinner. We went for Mexican (which I love) at a favorite restaurant, sat outside and I caved to the salsa, queso cheese dip, shrimp tacos adorned in raw onions and an avocado sauce. Topped it off with a margarita. I knew that I was going overboard with the triggers and I honestly decided that I would “worry about it tomorrow Scarlett” (another quote that my mother has given me over the years, this one from Gone With The Wind).

The known triggers that I consumed: onions, avocado, cheese, spices, tequila. Questionable triggers: shrimp and tomatoes. I made it until ~ 11:00 AM today before the blind spots appeared. All in all, considering the amount of triggers I ingested last night, this has not been a horrible migraine. Which is why I know that the Petadolex + the prescription preventative are working (I have been on the preventative for over a year and were it not for the Petadolex, this level 5 migraine would have been a level 7-8). Unfortunately, I have gotten back into the coffee routine and the medication routine. My current plan is to go ahead with the botox treatment and get out of the rebound headaches I am most likely triggering.

All in all, I really am pleased with the Petadolex. It took 4 weeks to build up enough in my system for it to help decrease the severity/frequency.  Now as I approach week 6, it is still working. In the past, many preventatives worked for ~ 2-3 weeks and then stopped. Thus, despite today’s’ migraine, I remain hopeful.

One concern–tomorrow I am meeting up with a cousin for a much overdue brunch. We chose a restaurant that hosts an amazing Bloody Mary bar brunch. Bloody Mary’s happen to be my favorite cocktail (I love them). While vodka is the alcohol least likely to trigger a migraine, there are other ingredients in yummy Bloody Marys which are triggers. I am undecided as to whether I will go ahead and splurge (possibly triggering a migraine) or stick to a safe, clear vodka cocktail….I’ll let you know what happens 😉

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