petadolex update

In my most recent post, I revealed that I have added petadolex to the list of migraine preventatives in my personal arsenal. It is working. This is the 5th week that I have been taking it and without a doubt, the migraines are so much less severe and less frequent.

Granted, I have been fighting with one for the past 3 days because the weather changed. It is absolutely gorgeous outside due to a cold front. The temps are in the 70’s, the sky is blue, and the humidity is minimal. This is my favorite type of weather; it brings with it memories of football games, hikes on trails adorned in orange, yellow, and red autumn leaves, soft sweaters, cozy candles and fires…and all things pumpkin. It also brings with it memories of countless migraines. My hope and goal is that eventually I will be able to transition through weather fronts without even having to think about migraines. I want to be able to enjoy this glorious weather.

That being said, the migraines that I have been fighting off the past 3 days have been mild. The migraines have been ~ 3-4 on the pain scale (in the past they would have been at least a 7 and I would have been bed bound). This time around, I have been able to work, participate in life and though I have had to medicate, the headaches have GONE AWAY within hours of a couple of pills + caffeine. I learned a long time ago that pain is best addressed at it’s onset rather than waiting until it reaches a peak. I actually learned that via my profession, working in hospitals. It is much easier to control pain and take lower doses of pain meds if you address it at the beginning because the medicine can bring it down more quickly; if you wait until you are at a level 6-8, you will end up requiring higher doses of medicine to get to a tolerable level. Dealing with pain and pain medication is challenging and you (universal you) need to be under the care of a GOOD pain specialist who can educate you and give you choices and alternatives in order to avoid taking more pain medication than needed.

The botox treatment is scheduled for the 27th which is 2 weeks away and I am still trying to decide if I will go ahead with the botox shots.  After having to take medicine + caffeine for 3 days in a row, even though the headaches are significantly less severe, I am thinking that I will go ahead with the treatment. I need to get off of caffeine completely and my goal is to have weeks (not just days) between pain medication/triptans. My decision does not need to be made today; I will continue charting migraines on my calendars and make my decision as the procedure date draws closer.

I learned some valuable lessons during my 30’s (I was hospitalized repeatedly for a horrific onset of chron’s disease and later for leukemia–fun decade). One of the lessons that I learned is that, with anything big, it takes time to turn it around.  I do believe in miracles and I do believe that they happen but I don’t believe that we get to choose who and when (said person) gets to have the sudden delivery from unfortunate circumstances. I have exerienced slow (yet miraculous) healing from both chron’s and leukemia. However it has taken time. And, it seems that healing with the migraines is also taking time. There is an old Amy Grant song, It Takes A Little Time, which provided my mother with an encouraging statement that she began using to give me hope back when I was so sick. Her twist on the lyrics is  “it takes time to turn the Titanic around”.  True to our personalized inspirational quote–the migraines have been a titanic in my life, and they are slowly turning around—key point–they ARE turning around, there is consistent progress.

That gives me hope.

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